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Testimonials: Testimonials

Best Ever!

Over the last decade I’ve searched for the right Massage Therapist.  Someone that not only gives a great massage but also listens to you and addresses your needs with love and care.  Someone that makes you feel comfortable, is easy to talk with, and has a loving welcoming energy.  I knew from the moment I met Lanita “I’ve finally found her!”  I genuinely look forward to my visits and cherish every moment I get with this amazing person and soul.

My back, neck, and shoulders have been a mess for years.  It’s gotten to the point where it literally felt like bricks.  My back muscles would spasm.  My neck would seize up.  I would have migraines.  All of it.  Before I met Lanita most massages would feel nice while they’re happening but later that day I’d feel the same.  Even with routine appointments nothing really seemed to improve. 

Not with with Lanita!  I needed to go deep tissue, and boy did I! 

After just a few deep tissue appointments with Lanita we focused on my back, neck, and shoulders all have improved!  After years of pain I’m finally having relief!  She got into muscles like I’ve never felt before! You’ll have to put your toughness to the test but her warm and relaxing energy makes every visit a step closer to recovery.

Lanita truly is a master of her craft and has helped me tremendously! 

She’s great :)

J. St. John

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